GED USA Combo Packs

The most recent version of the USA GED® Test was released on January 1, 2014 by the GED Testing Service® . OnLine Training's new four-course series has been written to prepare you for that test.

Purchase all four USA GED courses for one low price of $240 or purchase a subscription to all four courses for $25 a month.

The GED tests 4 subjects:  Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
· Students must score at least 145 in all 4 test subjects to earn their GED® credential
· Students don’t have to take all 4 tests at once
· The GED Exams are delivered on computer - which makes studying for them on a computer the best way to prepare.
· The GED Exams are available in both English and Spanish - we offer English courses only...
· The GED Exams require approximately 8 hours in the exam room for all 4 test subjects
· 3 essays (known as “constructed response” items) are required to pass the GED exams
· Offers three passing levels:
            GED Passing Score (score of 145-164 on each test)
            GED Score with Honors (score of 165 -174 on each test
            GED College Ready + Credit (score of 175 – 200)

· Passing levels are based on the performance of graduating high school seniors who took the test as part of the standardization and norming study

Receive immediate access (as soon as your payment is cleared and you receive the automated email) to courses when you purchase online through this catalog (using credit/debit).

GED - All four GED courses - Monthly Subscription - NEW versions!

GED - All four GED courses - Monthly Subscription - NEW versions!

The OnLine Training GED Program((This subscription program requires a PayPal account.  You will be charged $25 when you register, and then the subscription kicks in and you are charged $25 per month.  You can cancel the subscription in your PayPal account at any time.  )) In order ..


GED - All four courses - Continuous Access - NEW versions!

GED - All four courses - Continuous Access - NEW versions!

The OnLine Training GED Program The GED test consists of four parts. Part 1. Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) – This includes writing and reading skills. It includes popular literature, classical literature, and commentary on literature and the fine arts.  A composition ..


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